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What scent should the TTC use?

Austrian capital follows success of cheap season ticket with another sweet deal for commuters

The rush-hour subway train glides into the station, the doors snap open and passengers move forward to board. As they enter the crowded carriage, they are met not with a musty mix of human odours, but with the subtle aroma of citrus fruit.
A select few trains on Vienna’s U-bahn are trialling perfumed carriages following complaints that the city’s subway system was unpleasant during the summer, despite widespread air conditioning.
According to Wiener Linien (Vienna Lines), the city’s public transport operator, feedback has been “mixed”. But the fact that Vienna’s biggest public transport debate this summer is over perfumed carriages is evidence of a broader success story.

A dense constellation of trams, buses, trains and subway cars, Vienna’s system is widely regarded as one of the best in the world. And it is remarkably cheap for residents: just a euro a day for those who buy the €365 (£328) annual pass. For comparison, a similar pass is €761 in Berlin, or £2,020 for London zones 1-4.
Berlin is one of a number of German cities looking at copying Vienna’s pricing policy, as municipalities across Europe look for innovative policies that will lower emissions and get more people on to public transport.
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Carbon-steel brake shoe dust, overheated electrical cable insulation, escalator grease, and warm oil has worked fine to date.

Why change?

- Paul

I vote for the smell of the interior of a CLRV. I can't really describe it, but it screams TTC.

Yes I like those smells. Or rather it gives me a feeling of comfort which is hard to describe.

Montreal's Metro has the peanut smell which is unique. Can't go wrong there.