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Seems like there was an expansion plan in place
Anyone know why the Inglewood RiverWalk path is gonna be closed from December 5 to June 2025? From the Traverse Bridge to 12 Street Bridge. Seems like an excessively long closure and can’t find anything about it online.
DP and land use on 12th Ave @ 16 Street in Sunalta for 4 stacked townhomes with 48 units total: DMAP

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48 Class 1 bicycle stalls and seeking a parking relaxation for 19 vehicle stalls.
This is what I mean when I talk about (in the 2501 Richmond thread) missing middle having the perception of a parking problem. When you see 48 units and 19 off-street parking spots you can see why people in surrounding houses with a car per person in their house lose it. They project that reality onto this development. In reality, not every single resident in this development will have a car, so it is a none issue.

Existing residents don't see themselves as the problem when in reality they're likely not maximizing their off-street parking, either they're using their garage for storage, their garage cannot fit all the cars they have, or they have a car for every driving-age adult and they expect to always park right in front of their home.

My neighbor has three cars between him and his wife, they also have three driving-age kids that each have a car. It is a used car lot out front when everyone is home. People like this don't see themselves as the problem, they are the problem.
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