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Dec 5, 2020
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The city is looking for feedback on the external pathway design options for the Hawrelak Park redevelopment.
I think I like the 'external path' design more, but I really think the biggest issue for Hawrelak is it's accessibility by pedestrians and cyclists. There really should be some sort of bridge over Groat Rd. connecting Hawrelak to Windsor Park. The current winding routes around the 87 Ave. traffic circle or the route coming down to the park from the north are both awkward and unintuitive in my opinion.
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I quite like the park as it is, love the gravel paths that go around, I get that they are not accessible to everyone but not everything needs to be paved over if enough paths are found within the park's "core". I guess the internal path may leave the gravel paths as they are now. There are steps coming down from the west side of Groat road for a pedestrian shortcut, coming from the north the biggest obstacle is the golf course that you have to ride a long ways around but it's a very enjoyable ride. Anyone knows what is the overall situations of golf courses in the city? Do they pay a fair share of property tax and still able to make a profit?
If you ask me, the Heritage Festival should temporarily relocate to Churchill Square or the Legislature grounds. But I don't know if there is enough room.
Heritage is way, waaaaay too big for Churchill Square. I suspect they'll end up just doing it out of Rundle.

Would be cool to see Downtown do something radical though and close Jasper for several blocks downtown to host Heritage Fest or something like that.