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Has anyone else noticed how much of a sieve Oettinger has become? Where was this guy last year? It could’ve been so much easier for the Flames.
He wasn't very good in some of the games. It would have been a whole different series against Vegas if he had played the way he played against us.
Tkachuk is quite the little shit in the finals, don't remember him being this bad when he played here lol.
Actually I'm kinda glad things are going south for him. It sucked watching him play so well in the playoffs for another team, after deciding not to sign here.
Theo had the numbers to at least put him into the discussion, I kinda think some of his off ice stuff has kiboshed the hall for good.

So who do we have for HoF members from the Flames?


Gary Roberts was close. Hakan Loob may have had a good shot if he stayed in the NHL longer. He's still the only Swede to have scored 50.