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I think if we got a 2nd round pick the trade would make more sense. Sharangovich looks promising, but Toffoli is at the top of his game right now. The biggest drawback to Toffoli was his speed, that guy has lead feet. Lindholm didn't have great stats when we traded for him and the guy turned out to be amazing. Given, he was playing with Johnny and Mony.
So Backlund has apparently confirmed to Swedish media that he will not be re-signing in Calgary. Still can't believe how bad the wheels completely fell off, don't know if I'll even watch any of the games this year, the Flames will be basement dwellers with no cap space to improve...
So Lindholm sounds close to re-signing, Hanifin is open to signing if the season goes well, and Backlund still won't commit either way. This season could end up being decent with the talent the team has.
The team feels motivated, UFAs in contract years, young guys trying to make the NHL for the first time out of camp, and new additions from last year trying to bounce back from a down year.
Last night could not have gone better. It is preseason and very underwhelming Vancouver lineup but Huberdeau scoring, Coronato scoring, and Lindholm looking good with Sherangovic made me feel pretty good after the very long offseason.
First game of the season last night, draft beer is now $11.75 and the craft cans are $13.75. Cheaper than other rinks still but yikes nonetheless
Yikes indeed, we needed Stampede Trail yesterday. Hopefully a bar opens up that undercuts even the Saddledome/Events Centre happy hour specials. Reality is a bar will open up but it will be CSEC owned and cost the exact same as the happy hour, damn you subsidized capitalism!
First game of the season last night, draft beer is now $11.75 and the craft cans are $13.75. Cheaper than other rinks still but yikes nonetheless
3 years ago I would have cried 'ripoff!' but sadly there isn't much out there that's affordable anywhere these days. Yesterday I stopped at Subway and picked up a foot long cold cut and a 6 inch Canadian club sandwich with 2 fountain pops and with BC's lovely 12% tax was $33 bucks. The tip option only had choices of 18%, 20% and I selected 'none', otherwise that would have been another 6 bucks. :(

Still a can of beer for $13.75 = :confused:
I always say zero tip if I'm ordering at a counter, prices are high enough already.
True that. I used to tip a lot more, especially during covid and shortly after, but these days it's kind of getting out of hand. Vancouver is even worse than Calgary. Almost every pub now you order a beer at the counter (as is fast becoming the trend here in Calgary). A 12 oz beer here seems to go for $8.00-$10.00, then you add on your 12% tax, and then you have tip options ranging from 15-25%....required because somebody took 30 seconds to pour a beer. All said and done, you walked up to a counter and paid $15 for a 12 oz beer. At least the beer is better quality than the beer at the Dome, but......