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Canada only managed a 4-2 win over the Brits, hope they can have a good tournament and stay in the top 16.

Connor Bedard is pretty much the tournament MVP already, kid is on one!
Was hoping Vancouver would win and the stupid Oilers would implode. Inexperience killed the Canucks, they were like a deer in the headlights for the first 2 periods lol.

Canada is undefeated at the WHC, Mangiapane (Canada) and Pospisil (Slovakia) are repping the Flames well (don't think any Flames aside from these 2 are in the tournament). Enjoyable tournament so far, the Czech fans seem quite pumped to have the event there.
The last two games, the Canucks played the way I thought they would play at the beginning. They're lack of playoff experience showed.
Seems like a good trade for both sides, especially New Jersey as they get a decent goalie. Even when Markstrom is off his game, he's still better than NJ's current goalies .Flames get a 1st rounder, it won't be a high 1st round pic, but still first round.