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The drawings for the 2nd DP have been posted online now. Still no detailed renderings, but some elevations (in black and white) are included at least:




How does the podium height compare to the height on the BMO Expansion? It looks so out of place. I cannot wrap my head around the appetite for this, I'm sure they have all that figured out but much like Arena/Event Centre development doesn't create vibrancy out of thin air, it takes it from other areas, I worry this will rob us of the potential of other projects. This thing is a square peg in a round hole, its too much, far too much, on one piece of land.

This place is causing me to flashback to my childhood watching Herbie Rides Again... Here's the plot: Notorious real estate magnate and demolition baron Alonzo P. Hawk (Keenan Wynn) is ready to build his newest office building, the 130-story Hawk Plaza in San Francisco. His only obstacle is the 1892 firehouse inhabited by "Grandma" Steinmetz (Helen Hayes), widow of its former owner, Fire Captain Steinmetz, and aunt of mechanic Tennessee Steinmetz. Hawk's numerous attempts at evicting Mrs. Steinmetz have been unsuccessful, while the construction workers are growing impatient with Hawk's alleged indecision, reminding him that the whole thing is costing him $80,000 a day.

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Although the podium is stepped back from Stephen Ave, the bar-style massing will make the building feel stark and oppressive. I am all for adding residential to the core, but this podium needs work.