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Sent an e-mail suggesting a MUP to fill in the missing link between 9 Ave and 12 Ave NW and was pleasantly surprised when I received a response. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem that they are able to fit it in? Shame, because crossing the tracks to continue south/north there will be annoying. If that was filled in, you could take the Running Creek Road bridge to continue on the east side of 111 St all the way up to 61 Ave.

The 4.5 km extension will be built along the west side of 111 Street, alongside a shared-use path next to the tracks. With the addition of the tracks on the west side, 111 Street (between 12 Ave and 9 Ave) we will need to shift towards the east to allow space for the tracks. This shift would not offer enough space for the addition of a multi-use path on the east side of 111 Street between 12 Ave and 9 Ave.
Looks like Ledcor is already mob’ing to the extension…….
That is because they dropped out of it...Long story short, AECON was bidding for the Translink Surrey-Langley line and they were the chosen as the "preferred" contractor so they pulled out of the Edmonton bid. Something about the negotiations didn't work out with Translink so they didn't go ahead with AECON. (Plot twist, Ledcor was a competitor of AECON in BC and was then awarded the contract). So AECON lost out on both projects and Ledcor won both.