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Another fear mongering petition. Aldgate has put up ALOT of nimby signs at the Markham/Ellesmere intersection 🙄

Well.........they certainly start with the hyperbole meter at 11 on a scale of 1 to 10:

"The proposed Metrolinx Bus Rapid Transit service on Ellesmere Road will destroy our community"

Destroy? Not alter, not affect, not, perhaps, negatively impact.................but credibility for that.


"2. Metrolinx wants to reroute all cars, trucks and transport trucks from Ellesmere to Bellamy and Progress and then dump them onto Markham Rd. "

I'm going to have to go back and read the underlying studies, I'm not clear on why this would be a proposed truck route; though other than created an extra left-hand turn for eastbound traffic I'm not sure why it would be a terrible burden if true.


7. It is time to plan the future of transit and the proper movement of vehicles within the city without trying to limit the use of cars and trucks......

Sounds a bit like 'Have our cake and eat it too', to me


Interesting to see what they control..............just over 14 acres in the immediate vicinity.


I wonder if it has remotely occurred to them to discuss w/the City how they see the planning for the future of these sites.

None of this is really 'heavy' industry.

I could see that corner site going residential and/or commercial at height at a material premium.
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