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Not to jinx anything but…


What an unbelievable last few days. No matter what happens in game 7, this has been one of the grittiest efforts in league history. If they manage to do it on Monday night, there is no doubt in my mind that it would be the greatest comeback in sports history, at the very least of this century. The team has been saying all the right things in the media once again, all they've done is earn another game. The difference is, if they win this next game they win the ultimate prize.

In game 6, I expected Florida to come out desperate and playing hard, but that didn't really happen, the Oilers were the team with the early step, built up a 3 goal lead and then locked it down in the third period. Florida, despite having more zone time and puck possession, was having a very difficult time getting to the net and getting shots. Oilers defended extremely well, kept the front of the net clear and prevented high danger chances. Most of the Panthers possession was along the outside, very few chances in the middle. Skinner played great once again.

Going into game 7, the Panthers have the weight of the world on their shoulders, while the Oilers can just be happy to be there. That being said, this means nothing. Things can flip on a dime, as we've seen many times throughout this series and playoffs as a whole. This is FAR from over.

It doesn't matter what happened or how we got here, it's time to head down to south Florida and make history.
Enjoyed the game at the Yard House in DT Seattle……out of an estimated absolute packed restaurant/bar of at least 200 peeps…..there were at least 3 dozen Oil Jerseys there - including ours. And insane Oil support from the entire bar with the exception of ONE table of jersey clad Panthers fans…..all TV’s had the game on. Got there for their HH at 3, so we were “3 sheets to the wind” by the time the game started…..pints of Modelo was the tap of choice that night…..
Was thinking about how long these playoffs have been on-going. Game 1 vs LA was on April 22nd... over two whole months of extra hockey we got to watch. What an incredible spring and what a ride it's been. I think the positive impact this has had on this city is hard to quantify. Sports aside, Edmonton has had some challenging last few years (downtown especially) and this has been such a blessing in a multitude of ways. Hope everyone has taken some time to appreciate how much fun this has all been, regardless of tonight's result.
Even after tonight's final NHL playoff game, the NHL off-season still continues with the NHL draft, free agent frenzy and all that.