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Well the half full glass group on here say that the 25 storey tower is proceeding as we speak. The glass half empty folk figure the tower is staying true to Qualico's press release and that it will go in 2025. As far as renting potential? I think it's potential went up 100 fold with the eyesore kitty corner to it boarded up and it's inhabitants spread north? If the current low rise fills up fast, once again - the tower should be a no-brainer and proceed even quicker.
Well speaking for the glass-half-full crowd (who would want to be anything other unless you hate everything around you or you want to profess to know more than you actually do) there are several interesting points regarding the "25-storey tower":
1. on the Urban Design competition the tower in reference was shown to be 39 storeys not 25 in the rendered submission
2. the current construction pics show a floor that is comprised of a matrix of transfer beams -- a good hint that the proposed structure is going to be more than 25 storeys.
3. the last pics show the current construction efforts to be two levels above the podium with additional structural elements that are not accounted for in the structural rendering of a month-plus ago.
I believe that there is a re-design making its way through the plan-check process and that that will be known in the near future (30 to 60 days). Before anyone in the glass-half-empty crowd loses their sh*t I ask that they wait for the results that are surely imminent.
I thought @Avenuer that there was no permit for this tower.
There is an issued Development Permit for the 4-storey podium, 12-storey mid-rise (under construction) and 20-storey tower, but no Building Permit issued for the tower.

Total storeys when counting the podium:

Mid-rise: 17 storeys, 58m
Tower: 25 storeys, 91m
The 25-storey tower has still not accounted for the two storeys above the podium that are in place. Last look they were forming for transfer beams.
Dear Lord, are we still arguing over this? THEY CAN'T CONTINUE WITHOUT A PERMIT PERIOD!

That said, the way the top is left, that indicates a permit will be sought shortly for they have left the construction in a "ready-to-go" manner. The transfer beam is not necessary for higher height hence why I asked (Ken) if the tower sat above the LRT line. Even an underground line near a tower's zone can created quite subtle vibrations,. Overtime that could contribute stress without reinforcements. Just a plausible theory. This LRT is permanent and will contribute to vibrations daily-especially when the line is built out to completion.. Your traditional building at this height will not require transfer beams unless conditions requires it.
They have continued without a permit PERIOD!!!
that's quite an astounding accusation. even on an "anonymous" internet forum, that's a pretty slanderous statement PERIOD!!!

qualico was founded in 1950 and ledcor was founded in 1947. [full disclosure - i looked after qualico's commercial division for northern alberta for two decades which included the acquisition of station lands from cn and all of the initial planning and development right through to the completion of epcor tower].

do you really think that they would jeopardize their reputations and invalidate their insurance coverage - construction, liability and wcb - by building without permits?