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Provincial LRT Program– Line 6 Finch West
The TTC has initiated mobilization efforts to integrate Line 6 Finch West into the TTC network, and is in active conversations with Metrolinx to refine the actual opening date. The TTC has been extensively involved in activities, such as design reviews and operational planning.

The TTC is currently working closely with Metrolinx to ensure the TTC’s operational readiness activities are integrated into the overall project schedule developed by Mosaic Transit Group (MTG). The TTC, City of Toronto and Metrolinx are still negotiating the TOFA for Line 5 Eglinton, which was expected to be finalized in 2022, but now is targeting spring 2023. Transit Network Expansion Update Page 11 of 23 Once this Line 5 agreement is final, it will form the basis of the Line 6 Finch West TOFA, which should be finalized in 2023.

The TTC anticipates there will be very few modifications since the operating and maintenance responsibilities and requirements are similar for both lines, supporting a consistent service delivery for TTC customers, despite having a different maintainer company. To date, Metrolinx and the TTC have been in conversations to identify potential differences between Line 5 TOFA and Line 6 TOFA.
Tunnel between Humber College Station and Etobicoke General Hospital waiting for some unnamed "third party" to start it. In the meanwhile, out-patients, staff, and visitors will have to play "frogger" crossing Highway 27.

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Rode the O-train (what a terrible name) in Ottawa for fun on the weekend. I was surprised how spacious and high ceiling the cars were in person.
It felt very different vs riding the flexity cars

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I guess relatively maybe. The trains are still really cramped, especially during Rush Hours.
I guess relatively maybe. The trains are still really cramped, especially during Rush Hours.
Same as what out there in the world that has them unless high floor. Even the HF have space issues.