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The game changer in all of this could be the possible intensification of the Convention Centre site. There is no reason to restrict height on that site. The skyline impact could be huge.
I put a lot more detail into many of the models here, showing an even better example of what our future skyline will look like.

the future entertainment district, showing how crazy the density will be there;



Future view from NPS like i promised;


and a view from slightly south of X2

awesome work!

and holyyyyyy... the skyline is gonna get bigger and smaller at the same time! bigger in the sense that the skyline is gonna be taller/the city is gonna be more dense, but smaller because these towers are so huge that they are on an entirely different scale, so everything else looks irrelevant, so it looks like our skyline is made up of only a few towers... bittersweet i guess :cool:
as more buildings are proposed, our future skyline grows larger.

the new lumen building in cityplace has been added;


the hilton inn proposal added, despite it actually being quite the old proposal. (i spent forever with this model, lots of setbacks, and I tried to get the dimensions as accurate as possible) this is probably the most accurate model in the entire thing.


60 colbourne and the new 47 floor proposal beside it. (just a massing model as no renders have been released yet)


and saving the best for last, my interpretation of the 277m mega tower going up in yorkville; (this is what it will look like, judging by the singular line drawing we have so far) one bloor is still at 238m, as it will be until i hear an official height for the recent increase to 75 floors.

so.. I decided to go through and colour code my buildings according to their current state in the application-completion stages of construction! if you see a building with the wrong colour, or if you see a missing proposal, PLEASE TELL ME! provide a link to its forum thread if possible for the missing project too!. I'll try to add it! (think of the borders as bathurst to the don valley, and the waterfront to davenportish) if someone is willing to give me a good linked list of liberty village or any projects south of queen and east of bathurst i would be happy to do those as well!

WHITE = the project has had preliminary renders, but no application has been submitted.
RED = the project has submitted an application to the city
GREEN = the project has been approved, but has yet to start construction
YELLOW = the project is currently in sales
BLUE = the project is currently under construction

classic skyline shot;


zoom in on the entertainment district to give a better idea of what's happening there;


a shot to show how dominant 50 Bloor west will be;


and just a nice aerial of the entire city;

Awsome renderings! Would you say that you have a lot of the 400+ list on here that I was looking at in another thread? If not I would imiagine that would add a considerable amount of density above and beyond what this shows. Amazing though, even with all this density we are still so small compared to many of the neighbours to the south, and we are like a little ant compared to many of the cities in asia. Really cool shots of the entertainment district as well.
I went through the maps, and it turns out I'm missing 65 projects from my model!!!!

they are mostly under 30 floors, but still, thats a ton!

heres my list of missing buildings/ to do list; (these are just the ones currently MISSING form my drawings lol, there are probably just as many in my model currently)
 old four seasons tower 2

ryerson residence

ryerson student center

local at fort york

the king east

update 5ive

650 king west

the st thomas

one park place

context king west

kingsclub condominuims


pan am village

west harbour city

ivory on the adeliade

qrc west

river city

womens college hospital

king + condos

fashion house

lumiere condos


thompson residences

bridgepoint hospital

22 condominuims


8 Gloucester Street

york harbour club

garrison at the yards

the yards at fort york

o2 mansionettes

toy factory lofts


onepark west                                             

Axiom Condos

Posthouse Condominiums

The George Richmond

258 Victoria

219 Queen West 76m 

building between m5v and tux  

langston hall

langston hall 2

324 Richmond Street West 


32 Camden

111 bathurst

525 adeliade

Minto 775 King Street West

king west condos

liberty place

Liberty on the Park Condominiums

liberty central by the lake

30 ordinance east & west

365 church

355 church

sutton hotel

70 saint mary

77 charles

one sultan street

45 avenue

94 cumberland

403 bloor east

565 Sherbourne

297 college

U of T college residence

bridgeport health
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This boom really is quite amazing. I was browsing around on SSP, looking at the world map, and some cities maybe only have 2, 3 or 4 new proposals -- if that.
I figured it looked like it was shy more then a few condo/ office buildings... either way what you have done so far is great work, I cant wait to see all the other ones when they get put in there.