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added around 25 of the buildings on my list. take note that I added a new colour, black, for completed buildings that are missing from google earth.

This shows the central downtown from Bloor southward. Yesterday I drove along the lakeshore west to Mississauga and then north east to North York, ( to see West Side Story ). As impressive as insertnamehere's work is, it highlights the downtown Toronto portion of the GTA's exuberant metamorphosis. The scale of development in GTA is hard to grasp.
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Impressive renderings. Thanks for sharing. We're already being spoiled enough but I'd be curious to see how many projects are going up in the Yonge St.Clair and Yonge Eglington areas as well.
finally got around to entering all the buildings on the list, plus some more. if I am still missing any, which I am sure I am, feel free to tell me!

lets start off with a nice aerial,


then we see what it will be like to drive into the city on the DVP in 10 years;


lets zoom into the st.lawrence / distillery / moss park area...


flipping over to the other side of the city, we learn that the Entertainment District is in fact "Manhattenizing"


continuing west, we check out liberty village (I am sure I am still missing projects for this)


switching back and heading east, we hit the Fort York neighborhood; (probably missing a couple buildings here as well)


then a look at the hoity-toity Yorkville neighborhood;


and lets finish it off with a classic skyline view from the Islands...

Awesome renderings! Let's hope all is built, love the fantasy one on Bloor, terrific job, thanks!
These future renders and images are what give me hope and make me stay in Toronto.
I hope Toronto grows up not just in terms of the size and quantity, but also the quality of infrastructure, architecture and the masterplan.

Things that people easily say are impossible in reality must be carried out for Toronto to evolve to the next level.
And I sincerely hope that God bless and guide this city on the journey.
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I'm working on it! Hope to have it up by tomorrow!

otherwise, enjoy my renders of the Yonge and Eglinton area here: this area unfortunately is not as well covered by google earths 3d warehouse, infact, all of the non coloured buildings pictured are made by our own Wyliepoon, but still, it gives you an idea of what is happening in that area.

also, you can see what I currently have done of the humber shores area in the second shot, WAYYY off in the distance.


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I've been waiting forever to finally see a visual of all the future projects. Thanks so much. It looks brilliant!
this picture is absolutely gorgeous! It was done back in 2008. When do you think Toronto will look like this?



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