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I‘m always amazed but never surprised that male political leaders can’t keep it in their pants. I’ve always believed that if you’re having woman problems at home the last thing you need is another one outside the home. The grass is never greener on the other side, it’s just another lawn to mow. If you’re having woman problems or are just wanting a change, ditch the first one, then you can unabashedly chase all the booty you want - of course staying within the law and workplace rules of behaviour and disclosure.

Now a word from the Beaverton. Eww…. Cringe.

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Possible Candidates mooted in the National Post:

Cressy, Layton, Bailao, Keesmaat, Nate Esrkine-Smith (whose been musing about running for the Prov. Liberal leadership, after being perpetually overlooked for cabinet). Chloe Brown (3rd place finisher in November with 6% of the vote, apparently on a campaign with 2k in funding)

They also mention Wong-Tam.

Joe Cressy would likely be a very strong candidate alongside Jennifer Keesmaat.

Mike Layton is too far left and Ana Bailao is not as well known as would be hoped to win an election.

I will say though that Cressy and Keesmaat on the same ballot may split the vote.
If the progressives are smart they’ll run one, just one candidate.
If we had ranked ballots, that would not be a big problem. With our current first-past-the-post ballots, splitting the vote will result in the least wanted person to win.

That along with a low voter turnout, for whatever excuse they give not to vote.

Usually, a by-election has a low turnout, but don't think that should happen for this mayoralty by-election.

An example of an unwanted result was the 1969 referendum to decide on the name for the amalgamation of Fort William and Port Arthur. The results were: "Thunder Bay" - 15,870; "Lakehead" - 15,302; and "The Lakehead" - 8,377. This vote splitting caused a large controversy in the city. Would have had a different result with a ranked ballot, possibily.
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I met him a couple of times and I always suspected he was fake.
He likes to come across as a family man who has the best interest in heart for Toronto, but its all a facade.
Feel sorry for his wife who came across as a nice woman
I'm not sure if the woman is 31 now, or was the 31 at the time, but this is a full grown consenting adult. Some of the comments in this thread seem to imply she was barely legal or 18 years old. Saying "young enough to be his granddaughter" and "closer in age to Hazel McCallion" without actually mentioning the woman's age is sensationalist and trying to make it seem worse than it is. The issue is more about the power dynamic (boss and staffer), not about the age difference
Has the staffer's name been released yet??

EDIT: Rumor going around its Emily Hillstrom
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Emily has allegedly deleted her LinkedIn profile
Okay, you’re getting fixated now. I can picture you now scouring through social media and news sites trying to find her details. We’re not trying to go all scarlet letter here. Let’s stand down our stalker tendencies.