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Looking at that picture of 81st avenue on the previous page, It's incredible how much is given to road traffic in what otherwise could be a fantastic stretch of pedestrian and micro-transit options.

When I lived in Edmonton I loved walking the area between Gateway Boulevard and 99th St. between 82 and 79. If the streetscape could be far more conducive to foot traffic, including benches, pathways, trees, etc. that would be a huge, huge improvement the area. Even a designated parking area would be helpful rather than all of the street-lined parking spots.
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Those shops would benefit from the rolling shutters that many businesses in Chinatown have been forced to install to protect their windows outside of business hours. Sure, they aren't as good for the streetscape when things are closed but they are much better for the business owners.
I believe there is a thread and rendering; it will be a great addition to the Ave.