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We don’t know (nor should we) her medical history. She may have valid reasons. But ….. if she is medically compromised, she should also avoid events, close proximity to people, etc.
Yes, Doug did say that she would have to take extra precautions due to being unvaccinated.
Sad as it is to contemplate, a cheap, small-time crook like Ford really is the appropriate public face for the current day Ontario PCs. Even if he's not directly responsible, this is the sort of thing he'd approve of in a heartbeat. He wouldn't even pause to think about it. And it wouldn't surprise me at all if this little scheme did come directly from his office. These are the sort of gutter tactics that make up his entire political playbook. He's human trash.

They were involved in the earlier Robocall scandal, and survived that. What do you have to do to face actual punishment these days?
Sort of reminds me of their small-time-weasel approach to the Foundry, come to think of it. "We can get away with anything--until those pinkos find out"
My wife is pregnant and fully vaccinated. I don't see why she can't as well...
If someone is able to get a medical exemption from a doctor for not getting a vaccine, I have no issue with that. There are those who have valid medical reasons not to. She could be prone to anaphylactic allergic reactions and is worried about the risk of having one while carrying a baby. Can we at least wait to see if anything turns up to prove she swings anti-vax before the tar and feathering?

As much as I dislike this administration, its policies and many of its members, a doctor has signed off on this. If this is a lie, it now means two people have now put their careers on the line—the doctor moreso than Mitas.
Can I ask why you aren't a fan of his?


The version appropriate for public consumption is that I find him to be extremely rude, he's very shoot-from-the-lip.

I also think he's an attention-seeker (you would find his Twitter account lines up w/that); and while not unintelligent, his self-opinion
is to my way of thinking a tad sycophantic and entirely lacking in necessary self-criticism.

Or put another way.......I really don't like him. LOL
Sorry thought l linked it initially.

All good.

It was only a matter of time really. With all the venues, organizations and businesses requiring it something has got to give. I mean honestly, how many people walk around carrying their vaccine receipt?

Like it or not, vaccines are quasi-mandatory at this point. Nobody is going to pay the cost of getting a covid test done so they can go to a jays game or to work every day.