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But this is premier doug "the buck stops with me" ford. How could he!?

Sad as it is to contemplate, a cheap, small-time crook like Ford really is the appropriate public face for the current day Ontario PCs. Even if he's not directly responsible, this is the sort of thing he'd approve of in a heartbeat. He wouldn't even pause to think about it. And it wouldn't surprise me at all if this little scheme did come directly from his office. These are the sort of gutter tactics that make up his entire political playbook. He's human trash.

So, what are the real chances the fundraising company gets turfed for this?

My guess? 0%.

They were involved in the earlier Robocall scandal, and survived that. What do you have to do to face actual punishment these days?
I'm sure the OPC is shocked! Shocked! that this kind of misleading and exploitative fundraising was being done on their behalf.

Given that this outfit is representing themselves as the OPC, the OPC would or ought to have been reviewing any communication this outfit was sending on their behalf. Isn't this borderline fraudulent behaviour?
Well, my MPP stays. She got a medical exemption.
She is pregnant. Let’s see if the exemption extends beyond the birth of the baby.
It seems that Nicholls also doesn’t believe in evolution and is “deeply religious”. I guess he isn’t a big fan of science.
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They recommend that pregnant women get the shot, don't they?
Yes, they recommend to be vaccinated, however it is not compulsory. Because a normal healthy pregnancy does not warrant an exemption, she must have an underlying medical problem. OR...naw... Let's give her and her doctor and her religious advisor the benefit of the doubt :) :) :)