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I believe it has been mentioned that there is a fear of doing a search and turn up nothing - that would have jeapordized the investigation. Realistically, you can only pull that trick on a mayor once.

At this point, I don't see how this saga could end painlessly.

I've been thinking a bit more about the football angle. Clearly Rob's substance abuse and behavioral issues have picked up since he was fired as coach of the Don Bosco Eagles. He's used his free time to start hanging out with the wrong crowd and he's been making increasingly poor decisions. Ultimately his "grades" have suffered and now he's about to get suspended or expelled. He's even gotten himself in trouble with the law. Just like what he said would happen to his players if he wasn't there with the gift of football.

The delicious irony here is that it turns out the only person Coach Rob was keeping off the streets and out of trouble was Rob Ford himself.
Time for one of my favourite writing exercises! Yes, folks another edition of what could possibly advance the plot of a mini-series featuring a substance abusing mayor of a fictional North American city as protagonist.

Behind Door #1 - homosexual incest
Behind Door #2 - football coach drugs wife to be gang banged by players
Behind Door #3 - football coach invites players to his home for drugs, alcohol and orgies
Behind Door #4 - a business with ties to mayor is involved in trafficking, human and/or drug
Behind Door #5 - statutory rape
Behind Door #6 - mayor caught on video admitting to any or all of the above

Thanks for playing along!
What confuses me (after reading through the ITO and media reports) is why the Police arrested Lisi and Bahrami after just the one buy. It sounded like the undercover police were leading to a larger buy and of something other than pot - coke - that usually carriers higher penalties and would have garnered more public support and allowed the police to exert more pressure for a plea deal. Even having both men released on only $5,000 and a surity seems suspiciously light 9unless the police were hoping either would lead them to more physical evidence?). Arranging the buy was really unprofessional and delayed and it didn't seem like a big-time or well-run drug dealing operation.

Which then leads to my second question, clearly the packages Lisi was dropping off were money; there is no need to meet your dealer on such a regular basis. Smoking three or four normal sized joints a day will only burn through about half an ounce a week, which is a physically small amount - slightly larger than fist sized. Doing daily bumps of coke is an even smaller physical size and, frankly, although I am sure the Mayor is a cokehead I don't think he is a daily user. Money and company seems the most likely reason to meet so often. So how was Lisi/Bahrami selling enough pot/coke to justify drops of so often? Rob does not seem the type to be organised or dedicated enough to run a drug empire and it seems more likely to me that he would be a mule for Dime Bag Dougie; picking up the money from Lisi and partying a little in bush parties (just like in high school!) and bringing the money to big brother at the office every couple of days.

But the frequent drops really bother me, the more drops Lisi did, the more chances either of them would be caught holding a suspiciously large amount of money in a white plastic bag or brown envelope (both of which the optics look bad to a cop) when they both knew they were under surveillance. Why not ask everyone in the food chain (if there was much of a food chain in their organisation if Lisi was THE connection for a first time buyer) to hold onto their cash a little longer than normal till the heat died down?
Dude that is weirdly specific.

Even though I`m getting a bit burnt on the silly theories floating around today how about:

One of the newly mentioned clips in question is video of the Smith murder. Taken in order to prove who the shooter was so they could collect a bounty.

How about that one eh!
fordsie should blast his from his ride on Sunday when he rolls up to 1010

If the media and/or councillors had a dashcam of the smith murder (or any other murder) that ties back directly to Ford(s) they would have immediately turned it over to police who would have arrested Ford(s)/Lisi. The police would not allow that file to percolate through a sizable number of people for a whole day because it would make them look bad.
Rob does not seem the type to be organised or dedicated enough to run a drug empire and it seems more likely to me that he would be a mule for Dime Bag Dougie; picking up the money from Lisi and partying a little in bush parties (just like in high school!) and bringing the money to big brother at the office every couple of days.

Maybe Doug is STILL a drug King Pin? He went out there thinking he could demand Blairs resignation barking about how he wouldn't be intimidated.

Doug practices Martial arts, doesn't drink or do drugs - which fits the profile of a big Drug dealer (always in control).

Maybe this isn't about Rob - he's just an unfortunate bystander.

Maybe its all about Doug. Bribery, Influence peddling. Rob is Doug's puppet - we know that. If Doug can control the cops he can control the Drugs - and there is way more money in drugs than in labels.
seriously, guy? That's your damage in all this? The mayor is caught in another gigantic lie, blows his credibility out of the water, takes the city along for his crazed circus of a ride, lies about his fiscal conservancy, makes a laughingstock of your entire municipal government, and you're willing to throw down the gloves because one of his critics said "fuck?" [facepalm]

problem with ranting about FordNation here is that you are contributing to a forum where 98% of the people already agree with you. "screaming at the converted" not the most effective strategy. these kind of spleen-venting missives are more suited to contexts where you can expect it to be seen by actual members of the community you are attacking, thereby unleashing the good old fashioned flame war these kinds of posts are designed to trigger.
Dear Toronto: You're Being Trolled By Ford Nation
by Reginald Braithwaite

Posted: 11/05/2013 3:07 pm

Do you ever have this nightmare?

You're on the Internet, and you're trying to explain something sensible to someone, and they're heaping abuse on you? And when you start to make headway with a point, they sideslip into something totally irrelevant? And everything that is obviously subjective is objective to them? And everything obviously objective is subjective to them?

I have this nightmare too: It's called being trolled. The primary characteristic of being trolled is when you are trying to achieve something positive, but can't make any headway because the other party's agenda is to disrupt and hijack the conversation.

Trolls are toxic. You know that, I know that. We all run into them, like the "Men's Rights" jackasses who want to turn every story of abuse into a debate about how men get raped for their sperm and sued for child support and it's a double standard.

Have you got that person in your mind? Great. Let's review who they are and what they want:

That article hit the nail on the head.
I am so disturbed by the comment on twitter from Brian Johnson re: the 2nd video. He is a totally credible journalist and the president of his association (film critics).
He said the video is "the unthinkable" and RF "needs a bigger basement."

An orgy?
Dead body/ies?
A drug lab, or storage facility? (eg, w/bills being paid at 15 windsor?)

The problem is, almost nothing is unthinkable any more with Ford, yet only certain things would need a bigger basement...
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Anyway, this is a Ford-bashing thread so I'll just end up by saying that he is emblematic of the resentment that is definitely out there (downtowners telling most of the city's residents that where they live is ugly and terrible might just be a factor!) but to blame suburbanites for him, or to imply he is some evil manifestation of Everything Wrong With the Suburbs, made manifest is just crap.

Agreed. Let's keep things in perspective. Ford's approval rating in the suburbs has hovered just over 50%. At his most popular (e.g. in Scarborough at the height of the subway debate) it went up to 60%, and other times it has been as low as 45%. I imagine Miller probably had a similar suburban approval rating (though I haven't seen any numbers). The suburbs are extremely socially diverse. It's downtown that's becoming more homogenous.
I've been told he's all cracked out (it's from the same night as the 1st video) getting a hand job from a very young looking female.
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