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Regarding Anthony Smith, maybe the best thing about the Ford saga will be to finally get a sense of who these kids are. Most of the time they're just names in the GTA section. Who is he? Would be cool if someone did a documentary on his short life.
Gord Martineau is such a dumbass meat-puppet.

And is a lot more like Ford than people realize. He kept his job too.

Crazy' Gord Martineau insults people everywhere

Glen McGregor
CanWest News Service

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

In outtakes now circulating on the Internet, Citytv anchor Gord Martineau calls a Canadian singer a "homo," mocks a walkathon for cancer-stricken children and says his penis has more news value than a pancreas transplant.

About the Ford billboard:

John Furr ‏@JohnFurrToronto 4m
On4 of those 6 occasions Rob Ford voted against staff recommendations & against council majority in favour of Billboard owners #TOpoli
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John Furr ‏@JohnFurrToronto 5m
Rob Ford voted to support SIX different bylaw variance requests 4 Billboard owners Dr. Wallace Whistance-Smith & Sylvia Aiello. #TOpoli
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Is this other old sign still up near the 400 northbound, near Sheppard?


See this old article at this link.
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My bet is still on Don Cherry. I really want it to be Cherry.

That would be even better than Rock'em Sock'em Techno. (I always wondered why he was hanging out with Chris Sheppard anyway.)


This may be nothing, but I just noticed that there is a slight resemblance between Elena Johnson and Sarah Thomson. Maybe Ford was so cracked out that night, and mistook the two? Now remember Elena has a sheet for prostitution. Maybe they had a cock-for-rock arrangement? (Maybe that's on video?)
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Regarding the Ford Nation sign by the 400, would the province's laws on Corridor Signage apply? It's located on private property but is within 400 meters of the road.

More info can be found here.
^thanks for reminding me of that. It's always a bad sign for a lawyer when your correspondence leads people to ask whether you really are a lawyer.

I call them Costco lawyers. Dealt with a few in my time.


The best Mike Judge movie so far. Earl Mann's narration is phenomenal.
I am a man, and I am not particularly offended by the fact such a debate is occurring. Better to discuss something (anything) rather than sweep it under the rug.

As long as the fanatics don't show up and derail the debate, like they did with Warren Farrell at U of T. (Gender politics tends to bring out the whackjob in lots of people, which is why I steer away from discussing it these days.)
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