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No, Doug is clean as a whistle. It's all business for him. As far as I know, he doesn't even drink. It's somebody else, and I suspect I know who it may be. I have to reserve my comment because I know that unlike the Fords, this person will sue.

Can you give us the initials of the person you think it is? Then people can guess his identity.
PJS lives in Montreal, I'd think it's more likely to be someone who lives in the GTA... so my guess is GH too. DC seems unlikely, he's too old, and I think there'd be more noise if it was him.
There may be only one way of ridding this city of these lecherous cunts.....I think Alvin O'Di would agree with the method.

I said it before: this is all going to make Montréal look soft. Shit, it's going to make Baltimore in 'The Wire' look amateur.

The two biggest cities in the land in the grip of a bunch of man-children sociopaths? Fucking good times, I guess.

You know, it stands to mention that were prostitution and drugs legal, most of this problem wouldn't exist. You can thank the self-righteous morality police and inevitable fuckups for the current situation. The man-children sociopaths are just trying to meet societal demand.

It's basically a bunch of fucking idiots who want to play cops and robbers. Well, these particular fuckups aren't as clever as they'd like to be.
I'm bloody tired of this rubbish.
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