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In all seriousness I didn't expect the debate to have any bombshells launched Ford's way, it's just not in these people to go commando and put Ford in his place.

Or, go Kamikazee. ( Not literally. )

The candidates whose surnames were not four letters do not appear to have a snowball's chance in he## of winning anyway.

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I agree 100%. It bugs the hell out of me that the main focus of the scandal is Ford's crack use. His supporters can look past that. He needs to be questioned about his gang connections. His supporters need this information shoved in their face. Ford has done business with gang members, people with guns, people that make this city less safe, etc... Hopefully at the next debate someone on the panel will use Ford's quote regarding him wanting you out of this city if you're in a gang and use that quote against him. Maybe then they will see the kind of guy Ford is. But then again, probably not. Nothing will sway them. I'm moving to another planet.
If Ford thinks his crack use is old news, then fine. Let's move the focus onto his connections with gangs.

Yeah at this point, his strong supporters are a lost cause. They will support him even if it comes out that he served them barbecued babies at Ford Fest ("who hasn't cooked up infant from time to time, he's moved on!"). It's the weak "I guess I support him" kind of people who need to be swayed - and I think to do so the other candidates need to condemn him in simple, harsh, constantly repeated language - i.e. he has horrible judgement, he is friends with criminals, he's been drunk (at least) on the job, abuses the office, he could've killed Torontonians by driving drunk, etc. I believe this is not playing dirty - it's highlighting that he has proven spectacularly unfit for office. It seems to me that the other candidates are still treating him like he's a reasonable human being and I don't get why? He should be laughed at, belittled, condemned, insulted. That's what he deserves but no one is doing it, and it's befuddling to me. This election, if it progresses in the same tone as the debate, will be seriously bad for my mental health and blood pressure.
I think that the reason we're not seeing really pointed questions about Ford's legal issues is because there's a real risk of slipping into libel or defamation.

From a legal perspective, none of those allegations have been proven in court, so the whole thing would have to be "allegedly" this and "allegedly" that, and it would be very easy to slip up and make a statement that could be grounds for a lawsuit. Even if they didn't have a chance of winning, the Ford's have the bankroll to make anyone's life miserable for a few years.

Who cares. It's only libel if Ford sues, and there's no way in hell he could do that right now. It's also not libel if it's true. Call Sandro his drug dealer and nothing will happen.
Don't forget me; though I tended to explore a more "meta" angle (i.e. steering away from the subhuman-scum accusations) re the macabre possibilities under a Ford mayoralty...

Very true, Adma. You've always been on the right side of things, and quick with an EFRSed McMansion (or a French Quarter) image to analogize the sins of the Nayshun in contemporary architecture. Moreover, IIRC you were the first to dig in and explore the various means by which Ford might not survive (literally) his term in office. Remember when THAT was deemed beyond the pale?

Yep, some good eggs in this forum...
So are we to infer that the rest of what Metro Man shared last night was based on less-than-solid intel?

Well, no, the implication would be that his other tweets were based on solid 'intel'.

But I think most of us would disagree with MM on the definition of the word 'solid'.
So are we to infer that the rest of what Metro Man shared last night was based on less-than-solid intel?
My guess is that he got a little too over enthusiastic about the imminent arrest idea. I've been thinking sometime in mid April to May for a while. Ford is definitely getting arrested for something serious. There is just too much being done by the police for it to be otherwise.
Adrian Humphreys just pointed out that a lot of the increased "chatter" is probably a feedback loop -- MetroMan hears something, mentions it on social media, more people start talking, he whips everybody up into a frenzy with talk about arrest being imminent, *bam*... increased "chatter".

Like the old shampoo commercial.
If there is a search warrant to be issued for Ford's home/office/DECO, wouldn't MM announcing it on Twitter give the Fords a heads up to destroy incriminating evidence?
I think it would be cool that when the "call" comes through to make the arrest, a whole bunch of undercover detectives pull out the magnetic siren, reach out of the car window, place it on the roof of the car and peel out.
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