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Looks like the story Jimmi was talking about is on the front page of tomorrow's Star:

"@TorStarEditor: #Thanksgiving merci Toronto. Star front page for Monday. "



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I saw my first Ward 20 Ford sign yesterday, around Euclid and Barton. Saw another today, around Harbord and Crawford, otherwise it's around 4/1 Chow/Tory signs. Quite a few Ford signs further west along St Clair, however.

This alleged spiked board incident supposedly took place a couple minutes from my house; hope that monstrosity back sometime when I'm around to flip off Graeme and Thug.
Surely Doug or Graeme have a cellphone with a camera, no?

Can they not document ANY of the wrongdoings done upon them?

He must know that 70% of Toronto doesn't believe a word he says.
DoFo's rantings were venomous,
Though his grasp of the truth was quite tenuous.
When his lie caused a frown,
He’d double it down,
For fear he'd appear disingenuous.

fify, because a little OCD
People are throwing boards with nails in front of Doug's RV, (that's if you believe a word they say):

graeme ‏@graemeTO 22 mins22 minutes ago
@scmusicpolitics Actually moron, I was in the front seat. It happened at Dupont and Christie. Boards with nails.

are these guys really cribbing their lies from the Simpsons now?

"Run Kodos, he's got a board... with a nail in it!"
Now, not a doctor or even a cancer patient - but what good does keeping your shedding hair do? I have never heard of collecting it before; I've only heard things about shaving your head if things get patchy...

He's keeping his hair to keep it from falling into the hands of the police. You can test it for evidence of recent drug use. ;)
Is it truly strange for a lot of cops to show up at a crime scene?


Don't recall this making it to the Star's front page.

It's unusual for anything other than the most serious of investigations, such as a homicide or major project raid in which they're targeting dozens of people.
I was under the impression we'd find out who the person(s) of interest are in relation to the break in and that'd it'd include a cop. Guess not.
Only one car showed up when my house was burglarized

Were you runnjng a crack den for politicians?

“I don’t even know who lives in there,†he said. “I had no affiliation with that house. That’s Rob Ford, not Doug Ford. I know you want to try to twist it into Doug Ford, but that’s not the case.

Here's a hint - if you don't want your name associated with something, don't keep talking about yourself in the third person while you're talking about the thing with which you do not wish to be identified.
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