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Daniel Dale ‏@ddale8 5m5 minutes ago
I asked Chow for evidence for her assertion that transit expert Eric Miller is some "friend" of Tory. "He is a professor," she conceded.

I don't envy his job.

So professors now belong to those damned elites on the right. Okay...she is off her rockers.

While we're on the topic of the deterioration of politics, the absolute ironic waste of resources by no-tax, no-government ideologues, and how Canada has changed, I note the death today of Gough Whitlam. Gough was Australia's Trudeau, a progressive Prime Minister during the 1970s who brought that country forward and into the light.


That was a really interesting time in Australia, with the constitutional crisis in 1975 that ended the Whitlam government, and the subsequent Fraser administration.
Ever think that maybe D Ford was trying show what Woodbine could be 60 odd years after a racetrack is closed and redeveloped? It would a little difficult in using the old Long Branch or Thorncliffe track sites.....

And then there's the racetrack that used to be at Bathurst and Davenport, which is now a maintenance facility for buses and *cough* streetcars.
Sigh. I shop there. I live in the area (ok, King & Dufferin, but that's my goddamn mall). Have for 20 years. Am I therefore a bottom-feeder? Am I therefore automatically FN? Don't generalize.

I used to shop at Dufferin Mall too. I like that it is enclosed and has underground parking. But, since the Stockyards opened, I usually go there instead. I also like Cloverdale Mall.

Honeydale Mall? R.I.P.
Jennifer Pagliaro ‏@jpags 10m10 minutes ago
Ford's aides cut scrum off when I try to ask Ford about voting against council items that would help TCHC residents.

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