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Seems to be a Fordian denomination when dealing with "folks", or other people that are not considered full fledged Ford. Lowest is 20$ bills, then 5k, then 5k with a promise of a (possibly used) car.

Also, Karla, Kyla, Kara, Krista and Kayla = 5Ks. If I didn't think numerology was bunk I'd be looking for symbolism there.
I used to shop at Dufferin Mall too. I like that it is enclosed and has underground parking. But, since the Stockyards opened, I usually go there instead. I also like Cloverdale Mall.

Honeydale Mall? R.I.P.

I've not made it to Stockyards yet, and never been to Cloverdale. :) And our Walmart ain't that bad, so long as you go early in the day, it's basically like any other Walmart on the planet.
And then there's the racetrack that used to be at Bathurst and Davenport, which is now a maintenance facility for buses and *cough* streetcars.


I'll tell you a story...The Grandmother I mentioned yesterday was a trackbird...She'd go to Dufferin on a regular basis until it was demolished...On a summer day in '54 she was babysitting me (3 going on 4) and brother (2) and the urge of the horses got the better of her..She took us to the track however left us to fend for ourselves at the local park, she did make sure there was water available for us. Well guess what, the smell of chocolate permeated the air and we had trekked up Gladstone so I had an idea where the smell eminated. Rather than sticking around the park as I'd been told to do, it was off to Neilson's. You know what comes next with a 2 and 3 year old and a shipping area full of chocolate bars. Two hours later my grandmother found us, the Neilson supervisor was quite miffed and forced my grandmother to pay for the chocolate my brother and I ate and or ruined. She was none too pleased having to use her winnings to "bail out" her words the two boys. Needless to say she never took me to Dufferin again as a matter of fact I was banished to Hamilton for the rest of the summer and part of the fall returning just prior to Hurricane Hazel hitting town.
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I wondered a week ago and I'm still wondering now: is anybody going to drop an H-bomb into this campaign? Have any of the candidates been hanging onto a secret weapon? I could see Tory using one to clinch it... Chow to upend the board... Doug... well, whatever Doug had would be bullshit anyway so maybe he doesn't count.
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Ford is being applauded for saying he personally has track record of saving taxpayers more than a billion dollars - which is a lie.

This is a dumb crowd.
Also, Karla, Kyla, Kara, Krista and Kayla = 5Ks. If I didn't think numerology was bunk I'd be looking for symbolism there.

Hah! that's pretty good, I try not to discuss the Fords who are not running for office (Matriarch DiFo might be the exception), but that is pretty funny. :D It's probably not numerology, my bet might be Fords ingrained habit or simplifying things. 20$ bills is petty cash level. 5k is easy to remember, anything higher seems to be just multiples of 5k, otherwise go straight to the Billion Dollars ceiling limit.
I'm curious as to what's happening with Brazen 2. Even if cops found something to charge Ford with he might be on his deathbed by the time his trial would start. You can tell by reading the last ITO that while Jugga refused to cooperate, he must've months later to have his charge stayed. So what info did he give police? I know he knows Ford etc better than he's let on to date.
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