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I wonder if Tory's plan to unite left/centre/right will work out. Reminds me of when Obama took office pledging to reach out to adversaries at home and abroad, only to be faced with the harsh reality that it's not so simple.

In the case of Obama, he did try to reach out, it's just that the Republicans refused to meet him. If Tory reaches out to the left, he may find them more conducive.
Keep your friends close and your frienemies closer. Sounds like he is going for that 20 something percent. So is Nick going free-agent again? Gawd forbid he should land on FoFam's lap again. Kind of reminds me of Wellington Yueh in Dune.


I cannot see why Kouvalis would want to be on Tory's staff, regardless of the position. Amongst other things, he can make vastly more money working as a campaign manager (since he has moved on from the cheapskate Fords).
I've heard he's actually a nice kid, though totally unqualified.

I wonder if Mike will eventually start trying to plant his own flag and unhook himself, politically at least, from his uncles. Before long, he's going to know more about school board issues than Doug or Rob. He'll also be talking to other trustees who will influence his thinking. One hopes he'll become an independent thinker.
Goldsbie tweeted last night that Randy Ford said he wouldn't rule out a run for public office one day. So, there's that to look forward to.
Someone I know ran into Soks a couple of weeks ago. He said he wasn't interested in anything but the mayor's job. Maybe he'll change his mind.

"Team" is a pretty loose term here (similar to the much misused "partnership"). I imagine that what Tory has in mind is some sort of consultation/advisory thingy, not bringing Soks, etc. on to his staff or appointing them to major positions.
I wish they would return to having the ward councillors elect the most senior political figure.

That's the way it was until recent years.

Now, we have a high percentage of voters who will vote the Ford bloodline ( Doug, Rob Mikey and gawd knows what other relatives next time, even if they have to change their names. ) no matter what, and a lesser percentage who will always "vote with their heart" no matter what.

It's a recipe for disaster in 2018.

Yes Casita, I too cringe at the thought of the number of Fords that can be cycled through.

I held my nose and voted Tory after Soknacki dropped out and Chow fell to 3rd, thinking if we have to have a conservative mayor better Tory than a Ford. I feel differently today. If Tory is holding out a branch to Soknacki and Chow, he is not as right leaning as the Fords and he is miles more strategic and inclusive than I gave him credit for and I have greater hope for the next 4 years.

Inclusiveness is the key here. It is painfully obvious that 1 in 3 feels unheard and disenfranchised. They vote Ford because Fords articulate in office what they feel: the elitists don't listen to them, don't do anything for them and are not reachable/approachable. That is why Ford resonates. Ford may not actually end up doing anything for them in reality but Ford makes public their feelings and is available to them. It may be all for show but Ford is accessible. The 66% that voted against Ford don't help to assuage Ford Nation feelings of being marginalized and disregarded when they are called stupid or dumb for buying in to the Ford propaganda. We actually works against ourselves and solidify their views every time we are disparaging about Ford Nationals. And Ford always has an excuse: I couldn't get X through which would help you because 44 councillors were against me.

It may not be logical but you never win over emotion using logic. To conquer emotion, you must let emotion spend itself then allow logic to demonstrate what is possible. And this is why I have more hope for the Tory administration today than I did yesterday. Just imagine if Tory is able to win over Chow, Soknacki, Goldkind and Baskin to his administration. Imagine also if he is humble enough, strategic enough and prescient enough to be able to then deliver an administration that is accessible to Ford Nation and TCHC residents where work is actually done for these disenfranchised people, rather than just hollow rhetoric. Imagine being able to stand for reelection with accomplishments that include real progress in Ward 2, despite Ford, and other "left behind" wards and the ability to demonstrate what happens when you build bridges rather than isolate yourself with moats as the Fords have.

Perhaps if we wish to eradicate the cancer that is the Fords, we must stop behaving as they do, calling into question others intelligence and choices, and show that working together gets us further. That is what Tory has reminded me this morning. Being inclusive and tolerant will get us further. Perhaps 4 or 8 years from now, we will be able to thank Ford for helping us to build a better city by exposing the great divide that exists.

Yeah, I know, I'm full of idealistic crap and such ...
Who will be the next City Manager? Also, who will Tory choose as Deputy Mayor? The pundits on Citytv last night seemed to agree that it'll be Minnan-Wong.
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Now that fat fuck - to use John Barber's accurate description - will no longer be mayor even in name, is it time to rename or close this thread so we can all try to forget the last four years?
I like what he's saying. Not to be a jerk but does he have some sort of speech impediment? It seems like there's something off there.
Not full-blown FAS but perhaps Fetal Alcohol Effects? In any event, having a school trustee who likely does not have a high school diploma speaks more poorly of the electorate than the candidate.
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