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Amazing finds, evvabeing. I just hope you have excellent home security! :eek:

i think the lesson is, try your best to be mature and settle your differences outside of court, 'cause if you put it in the hands of the court, it becomes public information.
oh... i have found some pictures...



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and here's a little more detail...

Heavily-armed tactical units from York Region, Toronto and Guelph took part in the RCMP-led raids early morning on Tuesday.
One suspect was taken into custody from Louana Crescent, near Highway 7 and Weston Road, in Vaughan just before 6 a.m. on Tuesday.

Around the same time, two suspects were also taken into custody from a high-end condominium on Evans Avenue, across from Sherway Gardens, in Etobicoke.
here are some other addresses...

Officers with the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit moved into buildings at 205 and 215 Sherway Gardens Road

but they can't seem to get it straight?

One man was taken into custody from 215 Sherway Gardens Road, and another man was brought into custody from 225 Sherway Gardens Road.
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Hate to burst everyone's bubble - but it has nothing to do with the Fords.

As a lawyer with a busy criminal law practice, I can confirm that there is a lot of crime in Toronto that has nothing to do with the Fords.
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