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I just googled the guy. Seems a real peach. Wife filed for divorce shortly after he joined Robbie's staff
She claims he gambled them into a financial hole made worse by a legal fight which they spent 75 grand on and lost. Using the equity on the family home to finance his exploits. This info is 4 years old but it seems like Price might not have any reason to go to Halton nightly.

I heard he owed some dodgy characters a lot of money because of his gambling. But his wife committed a far worse betrayal. Made me actually feel sorry for him.
check this...

“The whole gang hangs out: Dave Price, Rob Ford, Doug Ford,” said Frank Imineo, who has known Mr. Price for more than 10 years but had a legal and personal falling out with him more recently.


Imineo v. Price, 2011 ONCJ 594

For previous proceedings, see:

• dismissal of natural father’s motion for interim access since critical issue of whether child should be told of her parentage was matter for trial judge: Imineo v. Price and Price, 2010 ONCJ 473 , 2010 ONCJ 473, 193 A.C.W.S. (3d) 1201, [2010] O.J. No. 4501, 2010 Cars­well­Ont 8025 (Ont. C.J.), per Justice Theo Wolder; and

• court’s directions for revealing to child truth about her parentage; access regime to re-establish ties between father and daughter: Imineo v. Price and Price (No. 2), 2011 ONCJ 584 , 2011 ONCJ 584, [2011] O.J. No. 5277 (Ont. C.J.), per Justice Roselyn Zisman.

[1] JUSTICE R. ZISMAN (endorsement):— On 21 September 2011, I released my judgment in this case. I found that it was in the child’s best interests to be told about her parentage by her mother and Mr. Price who she believes is her biological father. This finding was against the wishes of Mr. and Ms. Price. In paragraph [163] of the judgment, I permitted the Prices’ 30 days to reconsider their position and to advise Mr. Imineo and the court whether they were now prepared to tell the child about her parentage and arrange for counselling and to work out the logistics of arranging for a family therapist. If not, I provided that Mr. Imineo would then be responsible for arranging for a counsellor to assist him in advising the child about her parentage.

and remember...

As of March, the couple was living together in separate areas of their Halton Hills home with a 12-year-old daughter. In the legal records obtained by the Star, Price says his child is his "life."

"Everything is for her," he says.
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So he quit his $125,000 a year job to join Ford. He said he took a cut but he was paid $130,000 to work with Ford. So I guess the Fords offered him the obligatory $5,000 extra as enticement.
So he quit his $125,000 a year job to join Ford. He said he took a cut but he was paid $130,000 to work with Ford. So I guess the Fords offered him the obligatory $5,000 extra as enticement.

did you happen to reply to the wrong post of mine? this one was about price not being the biological father of his daughter, not the inconsistencies in pay, etc.
since we were on the topic of partners of the people in the ford story, i wanted to see what i could find out about the gonet's, and found this...

Judge Walter Gonet was appointed a Provincial Court Judge in November, 1983. He graduated from law school in 1959. He worked in the legal department of Canadian Pacific Railway for ten years before going into private practice.

He has known Judge Hryciuk for over twenty years. He and Judge Hryciuk are well known in the provincial criminal courts for their very successful Delay Reduction Project. They became known as "The Two Wallys." They know one another socially and share similar ethnic backgrounds.

Judge Gonet testified that he attended the Brampton Christmas party in 1991. While he was at the bar getting drinks for others at his table, Ms. Baldwin, who he did not know well at the time, approached him and said: "You'll never try a sexual assault case of mine" to which he responded: "What? Why would you say a thing like that?" to which Ms. Baldwin replied: "You're nothing but a sexist pig-"

There is no evidence before me to suggest that Lesley Baldwin was impaired that evening. Judge Hryciuk and Judge Gonet look nothing alike and she knew both of them and was not confused . On the evidence of Lori Montague, which I accept, there certainly was the opportunity for Ms. Baldwin to have the discussion with Judge Hryciuk she says she did. Her conduct before that discussion expressing her intention to have such a discussion as well as her conduct afterward in describing that conversation to her husband and Ms. Montague is consistent with such a discussion having taken place. She has absolutely no motivation to lie; there is no evidence to suggest she harbours hard feelings for Judge Hryciuk. I accept Ms. Baldwin's evidence and find that she had the conversation she described with Judge Hryciuk on the evening of November 21, 1991. It is not necessary for present purposes for me to deal with the conflicting evidence of Judge Gonet and Ms. Baldwin.

I have difficulty accepting Judge Hryciuk's assertion that he was not aware that his conduct was inappropriate prior to November 1992. On the facts as I have found them, he had attended a gender sensitivity course in May 1990 and had been specifically spoken to about his conduct by Ms. Baldwin in 1991. The only matter of complaint which took place before May of 1990 was Susan Lawson's. And in respect of her complaint I can only say that if, in 1988, he did not know that he should not say to a much younger woman, whom he barely knew and at that only in a professional sense, a comment by which he intended to convey that she could flick his penis anytime she wished - he should have.

Lastly in his defence it is argued that Judge Hryciuk used his humour to relieve the high stress which the nature of the work creates for those persons involved in the criminal justice system. Much evidence was led from judges who preside over criminal courts and lawyers who practice in the criminal courts. They said they fmd a release in humour and that the humour traditionally enjoyed in that area of practice is bawdy and sexual humour. There was no evidence called from persons engaged in other areas of practice from which any sort of comparison of relative stress levels could be made. Barbara Bennett made it clear when she was cross- examined by Mr. Hunt that she would not want it taken from her evidence that the criminal bar must resort to inappropriate sexual humour to relieve stress. Jokes are one thing, specific sexual conduct and/or remarks directed at a specific individual are quite another.

Woah, good catch. Ya, that's what I was referring to. Didn't know this info was online. I was told Price thought until fairly recently that he was her biological father and he was devastated to find out she wasn't his. Also, he took a leave while working for Ford due to some drama related to this whole triangle.
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