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Paging medical types: I just watched the interview Rob. He mentioned he was in hospital every three days or so. That sounds like a lot. Does his comment suggest anything about his situation (or do I just not understand the level of post-op care in cases like his).

It does sound like a lot unless there is some underlying complication. When I had my hemicolectomy, although not nearly as invasive, I was on my own until a follow up appointment weeks later. But I suspect Rob is receiving special treatment. Maybe the appointments are simply to renew his pain meds. :rolleyes: Then again he did refer to drainage tubes which I imagine need attention.
But I suspect Rob is receiving special treatment. Maybe the appointments are simply to renew his pain meds. :rolleyes:

CP24 ‏@CP24 10s11 seconds ago
On staying at home to recover: "You go stir-crazy," Ford says with a laugh. "I'm going to continue getting out slowly but surely."

You mean Renata and the kids are no relief? Says a lot about that particular domestic environment...
I'm asking if an editor even gets a reason for a request to "temporarily" hold a story, not necessarily spike it completely.

An example might be that someone close to management may have made it known that they don't appreciate further press about a given topic, because it "would not be helpful". Sympathetic management friend then quietly quashes story through "process" rather than bullying writer to shut up.

Or for example if the CH "bomb scare" was considered mishandled by City staff, might gleefully reporting the Fords' lies be outweighed by "safety" or "confidentiality concerns"?

In my experience, there has always been a discussion when management has drifted down to the newsroom to raise issues about a story. (It doesn't happen often and, once in a while, they even leave backing your position.) Re your bomb-scare scenario, yes, that would definitely get debated. Some of it will be about the public safety v. disclosure aspect. There may also be issues around not screwing up relationships (commercial or editorial) you want to keep, depending on the situation. I'm sure there are managers out there who will squash a story "because I say so." For me, I've been lucky to work for people who are better than that. You may not agree with a particular decsion, but at least you understand it.
Jacobs looks like a sketchy limo driver or strip club announcer. People seem to like Ford's tracksuit on Instagram. Apparently it makes him look like a "boss".

Talk about decline in civics; when the Instagram set would *openly* rather have a Sopranos thug in charge than a mayor. Because thugs are kewl. Mayors are dotty Adam West characters, or something...
“You can’t respect a mayor that is flip-flopping constantly" Rob Ford on John Tory.

Says the man who wouldn't know respect if it ran up to him in council and bit off his nuts.



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