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I was thinking the same thing. Just when I think this family can't disgust me any more, they hit a new low
oh I can think of many things:
  • kickstarter a fund to support Renata & the kids
  • auction off various articles of RoFo's wardrobe, guaranteed to be worn by the man himself
  • eventually auction off his death certificate
  • turn the RoFo's homestead into a museum ( after declaring it a principle building for the new RoFo Charitable Foundation for the Common People)
  • insist on naming the Scarborough subway extension after RoFo
please leave landii alone... she's a friend of mine and a very dear soul

It's none of my business, but I think you should really talk to your friend about this.

This thread, I'd like to think, is a bit off the beaten track, but it looks to me as if Twitter is where she lives, and those posts of hers, together with all her Graeme tweets, is leaving her open to responses she may not be able to handle.
If they really did have blackmail material on a bunch of high level people, it would almost come as a relief because at least that would be an explanation, but I don't credit them with enough brains to pull off such a scheme.ław_Tymiński

Another potential factor was that Tymiński applied methods of political marketing which were unknown in Poland at that time. A key element of his campaign was a black briefcase he was rarely seen without - allegedly containing "secret documents" that were going to destroy his rivals' careers and that he would present when the time was due. Although the elections went by without the briefcase ever being opened, its presence secured constant attention.
Well, the possibilities for a Rofo statue are endless, really. He could be posed as urinating in a public park. Punching and kicking his sister, or slapping around minions with a bag of hamburgers. Beating his wife? Shoving an entire fried chicken down his gullet in a parking lot while giving the finger to appalled spectators? How about trampling Pam McConnell? Driving drunk, maybe with a few kids being crushed beneath the wheels? Why not a naked Rofo - his virtue protected by a strategic fig leaf - chasing a bunch of hookers, with a crack pipe in one hand and a bottle of booze in the other? A veritable tableau!

Claes Oldenburg, "Crack Pipe", 2016
As of right now, 105 people and 2 golden retrievers are lined up outside City Hall. The line ends just round the corner on the west side.

When I first came around 1:30, the line went just around the corner and under the suspended stair. At 4:30, it was just short of the corner and I counted about 90 or so people waiting. (Among the "recognizable", there was that long-beard guy whom I think owns that Ford-billboard business along the 400.)

I also spotted some black lady with a Ford Nation bag walking away and yelling at the police about something or another.
So did anyone from here go inside? And were there any provincial politicians there, like anyone from Wynne's government? I saw some councillors, Ainslie, Crawford, the 2 Holydays. I also wondered if Bill Blair would show up (and I would love to see that!)

We've seen him before for sure -- at Doug Ford's loss party :)

And the other guy--isn't he a "known character" as well? Anyway, here's another pic of him

Good idea. Selfies are draining. ;)

150 people in line? Doug will report it as 1,150 at least.

Yeah, it's like he's hyped it as the funerary equivalent of a #1 song for 8 weeks, when in fact it's more like it peaked at #8 for one week...
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