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Toronto Sun ‏@TheTorontoSun 11m11 minutes ago
Selfies at Rob Ford visitation under fire. Via @joe_warmington. #topoli


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This video is a pretty good, balanced review of Ford's career. I was surprised to see one of my coworkers in there. I had no idea he used to cover city hall!
To keep things in perspective it's important to remember that Doug is an inveterate liar and an asshole.


As Doug has said more than once about CH attendees:

What's wrong with these people? Don't they have jobs? Must be paid mourners!

Today is a work day for everyone too, but Ford Nation people might not have jobs.
Still expecting an appearance by the Dixon Bloods... and the man wearing the nazi memorabilia. And this guy.



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I'm sure there's a lot of city staffers wanting to pay their LAST respects to Rob, and by the way, any sign of Karen Stinz?
JPags' story in the Star today made me snicker. Mostly neutral, interviewing different people who came to see RoFo, then at the end mentions the Don Bosco players..."skipping city-hall duties for the grid-iron"..."dismissed after controversial comments"..."showed up intoxicated to a crucial practice" (I don't even remember hearing about that).
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