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Some of you are really too much. Doug's daughters looked fine to me (more makeup than I'd ever wear but that's a personal preference); I see nothing wrong with kids getting help from a grown-up to write and practice a speech, and I see nothing wrong with them paying tribute to their dad. Y'all are trashing SAL and Warmington and you're really the other side of the same coin. A guy died, his family mourns him, his admirers mourn him -- no one said you have to mourn him but why shouldn't they?

And disagreeing with the scale of this event doesn't mean you have to pick apart every little thing that is said and done by every person in attendance.

Yep someone died and was buried... Tell the Family it's bad form to politicize the events and start camping before the body is cold.

I have seen no one basing the kids just criticizing the adults who exploit them. Twattle from SAL and Worms about how they are superior to the "hypocritical leftists", bullies and such, well they are projecting, especially SAL; a self loather and bully as long as I remember.

Politicizing a viewing and a funeral? Real classy so I don’t think there is a high road on this one for the Fords, and the gruesome twosome used things to grind their respective axes.
Well, it's interesting: I saw the clip, and got a (not in a bad way) generic "children are wiser than their elders" impression--not hard to come by in that family--and reinforced by how Steph was practically upstaged by her mom alongside her. Like if Ford's some beloved Mandela-figure for Toronto, Renata's like a cross btw/ the Mandela farewell-proceedings "sign language guy" and Kim Campbell dancing.

Truly; Renata's appearance and behaviour was shocking in a way that overshadows RoFo's drunken-stupor excesses. This ain't just mourning grief, folks. And it adds dimension to RoFo telling the kids to look after/out for her at this critical moment...
She's already posted a video of the service to her FB account, which is rather odd. While I'm the last person to tell someone how to grieve, I think she's enjoying all the attention, in a Fordian way.
She's already posted a video of the service to her FB account, which is rather odd. While I'm the last person to tell someone how to grieve, I think she's enjoying all the attention, in a Fordian way.

The lord knows what kind of power dynamics and positioning is going on in that family right now. Deaths of course is the most inappropriate and best time for this sort of thing.

Are you fking kidding me?

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All this Fordian "political correctness" ... :confused:

goldsbie 10:47am via Twitter Web Client
How little self-awareness can someone have before they no long qualify as a conscious being?

John Filion was one of the few from the Left to speak and, unlike most of the others, managed to personally reminisce about man while acknowledging his many personal and professional flaws . . . but beyond that it was pretty much a circle jerk, with Mammo leading the pack.

He actually claimed that the following is his favourite memory of the time he spent with Rob.

And back to Thompson, I think this clip alone, the glee with which he lights into John Barber, puts lie to the suggestion Rob was never mean. Maybe Thompson never saw that face, but it will be a long time before a lot of people will be able to get it out of my head.
Good piece by David Nickle:

"THE CITY: Trying to find forgiveness for Rob Ford"

"The truth of that is that Rob Ford stepped off a well-run campaign and into a job that he bungled from nearly the beginning. At some point, booze and other drugs overtook him and made things worse.

But there is little evidence that he loved Toronto enough, never mind too much, and plenty of evidence that drunk or sober, he despised significant elements of the city. His accomplishments – abolishing the car tax and the contracting out of some garbage collection – are few. The damage he did – to public transit, to the simple level of discourse – is considerable.

And for that, and many other things, he never once apologized. As good as it might feel to grant, forgiveness is really not an option."
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