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Please. "Traumatized the psyche of the city". You must be some kind of China Doll. Get over it. As for our "international reputation" I don't any such thing happened. Most places in this world have never heard of this city. To paraphrase Oscar Wilde "the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about."

I felt sorry for the man.

Political discourse is damaged in this city because of him and the specter of Doug.

As long as they're around, politicians like Tory will always try to appeal to their fanbase through things like the Scarborough subway and not raising property taxes.
We Canadians are currently mentioning to Americans that Donald Trump is on par with Rob Ford, plus or minus. The Ford Nation folks seem to be praising Donald Trump and the rest are showing the Americans very negative outcomes.
Re: The Toronto Sun blubbering about the "failed takedown" of St. Slobbicus of Etobicokus costing the taxpayers "a bundle."

Funny, they didn't seem to mind a certain fatass regularly showing up late to work, drunk or stoned out of his tiny mind - when he bothered to show up at all - and being paid big bucks to do so. Nor did they complain when Ford hired shady characters and/or minor hoodlums he was on mutual ass-kissing terms with for questionable positions within his "administration," also on the taxpayers' dollar. Nor did they appear to note the rather large amount of money it cost the city when Mayor Pigface single-handedly capsized the previous Mayor's Transit City plan - despite the fact Ford technically didn't even have the power to do so, which still boggles the mind - or the gigantic amount of cash it's going to cost for unneeded subways to underdeveloped areas that can't justify them, all spearheaded by Ford for the crassest and most transparent and self-serving political reasons. Nor did they appear to notice when Ford's disgusting family deliberately engineered a situation where a by-election would have to be staged when Fatso dropped out of his political role due to health issues. All for no nobler reason than the Fords' bizarre, delusional narcissism, natch. And as well know, by-elections are far from cheap.

Funny how self-identified 'fiscal conservatives' don't mind in the least when public money is being directly flushed down the toilet as long as it's one of their own doing the flushing.
We Canadians are currently mentioning to Americans that Donald Trump is on par with Rob Ford, plus or minus. The Ford Nation folks seem to be praising Donald Trump and the rest are showing the Americans very negative outcomes.

I see Donald Trump much more like Doug Ford; Rob Ford was more like Billy Carter or Roger Clinton.
I see Donald Trump much more like Doug Ford; Rob Ford was more like Billy Carter or Roger Clinton.
You have a good point, however, I would have to look past Dougie being Diane's control rod so to speak.
Did anyone hear Doug on 640 earlier today? My mom said the host was slobbering over Rob and ripping Doolittle and Donovan. The Worm was on too but I didn't want to hear about it.
Re the "ethics" of availability, of watching or not watching, etc--remember: we have the 30-year-old example of R. Budd Dwyer's on-air suicide to consider. And in that case I've always observed the personal principle of not watching--but I'm not pro-withholding, either.

And re Siad's own video: it may say something about those who operate in that realm that at least through the prism of my own generational and cultural divide, he comes across like a stunted and feral 9-year-old, and in a scary two-thousand-and-teens way. (Disclosure: I've a 9-year-old in my family realm that I fear might be headed in such a direction--from what I hear, he doesn't read, and he's been repeatedly pulled from schools or classrooms for screaming fits, punching classmates, etc)
After 4 years of Ford's mayoral disgraces, how is it it took the crack video allegations for this city to clue in to the fact that there was something seriously wrong with him?

What concerns me is kids watching this "public role model" ignoring all the rules, engaging in criminal behaviour and getting away with acting like an out-of-control 6 year old could legitimately conclude that adults are hypocrites for expecting children to be better behaved than the football coach mayor.

Siad's video reaction doesn't shock me at all. The tingle of getting one up on The Man must have been quite exhilarating for him and his crew.
I'm surprised by the number of people on Twitter - including fierce critics of Ford - who opposed releasing the video.

I think this is mostly attributable to the fact that the video is pathetic - in the literal sense of eliciting pathos. Ford doesn't come across as a rager or a party animal, just as the worst of skid row. Totally off his head, doing just about anything for a high, dishevelled and unwell in a shitty house surrounded by shitty people who aren't his friends.

In that light, pathos is certainly understandable.

When you consider, though, that he was the mayor when this happened, things change. We were paying for him to get high, and paying for him to both recklessly endanger his life and to massively compromise the office of the mayor. By doing what he did while mayor, he squandered whatever moral high ground the mayoralty might have, shattered its credibility for policymaking, and seriously damaged the city's reputation worldwide.

In this light, the pathos diminishes.

One way to make sure the people you care about don't see a video of you smoking crack is to not smoke crack. And though I do agree that addiction is more a mental health issue than a moral one, Ford inflicted his disease on Toronto when he and his enablers consistently failed to address it and instead allowed it to take over more and more of the city's affairs.
It should be remembered that Rob Ford did not want a chauffeur, paid by the city, to drive him around. Of course the chauffeur could have been a security person (IE. police officer), so he couldn't have that. He would rather either drive himself around or have his own chauffeur that he knows personally and pays for himself (if he ever did).

At the height of chaos, David Price’s loyalty was never in question.

Hired as then mayor Rob Ford’s logistics and operations director — a position that baffled observers and some of Ford’s existing staff because it was unclear what his actual responsibilities were — Price, in his early 50s, was often a looming presence at city hall with his squared shoulders, stocky build and military-esque cropped hair.
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