very nice shots wellington guy! I guess you did your PDI already? How does the lobby and the rest of the common areas look? You should have taken some pictures of the inside of your unit, unless you wanted to keep it private, which I also understand!
Lobby and hallways are fine. Looks like they are taking their time and doing it right. I would rather leave my interior shots private for now.
If and when you are ready to put interior shots up, they should go up in the real estate thread for this building. Thanks!

yeah I was looking at that suite on the 9th floor as it has the best balcony. I think it was one of the first units purchased with good reason as it has east, west and south views. Whomever bought it (400 wellington guy?) will be very happy.

Though I have to give Sorbara credit, most of the floor plans are quite nice and the south and east and west views are nice. The people on the north side look into an alley, but I am thinking the higher floors look over the building.

Overall, I am satisfied with Sorbara, and how they handled things. My only complaint was they mentioned high end finishes and I pretty much had to upgrade everything which cost a lot.
A couple of shots from this morning in the fresh light. Nice to see the sun!


Fence removed from front of building.

Pic taken Jan 16, 2012

A couple of other points. The underside of balconies was also painted white in the last few weeks. Did not notice it until now.
The lighting on the southern portion of the building has also been changed with a nice uplight feature as shown in the original rendering. I will try to take a pic in the near future. Its not all done, so may wait until then to get the picture.
It does look better in person and in context on Wellington. As well, alot of the landscaping out front is to come in the spring. It does need more life right now.
Hospital? Pretty nice one then: this is one of the most handsome looking new buildings in Toronto. The proportions, the materials, the workmanship - all of these things are spot on.

Comments like AG's make me think "this is why we can't have nice things". Luckily the purchasers here are effectively silencing him.
The front block is fairly nice, except that it deals poorly with the street. It's ground level should be much taller and project forward or something. Will there be retail on the ground floor?
The duo-tone back chunk however, as much as I hate to agree with anything AG says, does remind me of a hospital as well.
There are several retail spots in the base of the building. Two spots have patio space up front facing Wellington, which look rather barren at the moment.
Lots of landscaping and trees have to go in as all they did in early December was put in sod to keep the dirt down. There is a significant water feature at the entrance of the building.