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Sounds like a lot of speculation. It don't think it was unreasonable of them, after 30+ years, to replace railings that required constant repainting (not just touch-ups -- I always saw them sanding and painting the entire piece) with a modern product that required less maintenance. We can agree to disagree on that. I think we both agree that their choice of replacement was abysmal. I agree that the new railings likely do require a lot of cleaning - that hadn't even occurred to me.
Uniqlo will open 2 stores in Toronto.

"The Eaton Centre Uniqlo, measuring 28,000 square feet, will put Uniqlo into direct competition with H&M next door. It will be situated in part of the space at the north end vacated by Sears Canada."
That'll be about 1/3 the size of Fifth Avenue. So fairly significant. I really hope there's a Yonge frontage though.

The store will lack Yonge Street frontage - it will be accessed via the mall entrance on Yonge near Dundas, according to the broker who did the deal. About 10,000 sq ft on the ground floor and almost 20,000 sq ft upstairs.
Application: Building Additions/Alterations Status: Not Started

Location: 1 DUNDAS ST W

Ward 27: Toronto Centre-Rosedale

Application#: 15 111423 BLD 00 BA Accepted Date: Feb 3, 2015

Project: Retail Store Interior Alterations

Description: Interior alterations to existing H&M store, complete with replacement of existing facade with a new curtain wall system.
With a non-functional piece of artwork along the atrium that has been there for what, 3 years? You'd think they could have gotten it fixed by now.


I notice a large portion of it has been removed??? The smaller leftover portion appears to be "working". CF is so peculiar. They spend all that money defiling their own property and then blow $2.5 million on a 135m long sculpture that is essentially invisible.

And oh yea....the main fountain is still not functioning. Obviously not a priority.
The dundas facade is pretty bleak - it creates a lot of blank space (insert Taylor Swift song) between the Square and Joey's. Hopefully they are rectifying that? Esp. with Atrium renovations - would be nice to see more animation on that stretch of Dundas.