13 June 2012: shooting on the fly...

We're so spoilt with tall slender towers in this city that I often find myself far more interested in chunkier and midrise projects. Neat vantage point, UD.
I think the cladding on this one is looking surprisingly good by window wall standards, dare I say!
In that last photo above, I'm impressed with that west facade. I can't believe I'm saying this about a G+C design, but I do appreciate the way the balconies interlock with the facade on that west elevation, and how the concrete floorplate sticks out a little bit from the facade every two floors. The cladding looks very tidy so far, so I feel pretty good about this one. I also like that it's chunkier than the constant stream of point towers we've been getting. It's a nice novelty to get a big chunky building that really contributes to the streetwall in a major way.

Certainly already looks like it will be the classiest of all G+C projects I've ever seen.
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I'm all for anything that hides Element, but I won't lie - I can't wait until something pops up on the west side of this beast... the massing is downright offensive. Empire + G&C... just like clockwork.