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Nice. Very prestigious location for a very prestigious (comparatively) paper. Front/Spadina can become a real intersection now. I've always hated that Toyota dealership.
"The Globe and Mail’s future home will be a low-rise building faced with glass at the corner of one of downtown Toronto’s busiest intersections" Phew- at least it's not going to look like a car dealership.
Would rather it have been apart of ICE's office component, the parking lot across from the new toronto life building at queen and simcoe, or the 17 floor proposal at Queen and Richmond... There was actually a 9 floor building at bay bloor, at sulton and thomas which would have been nice too.
Funny, because I was standing across the tracks looking at this building and thinking how pathetic the words "Canada's National Newspaper" seemed on THAT building. I was musing on when we might see news on a new building for them, and lo and behold we hear this news today. This is fantastic as its two birds with one stone since we will also be rid of that big cursive red "T" on that corner.
Looking forward to this redevelopment. Front/Spadina will finally start to look more urban and the redevelopment of the old Globe headquarters will greatly benefit Front and Wellington streets.
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Big News!
I think I may have come across the first sign of construction activity or at least preparation on the globe and mail lands. Here is a pic of a drilling rig doing some geotechnical cores on Wellington beside the Stantec building today.

Adam Vaughan will have a community meeting on the proposed new building by KPMB in November. It appears concepts are being finalized for the corner office building. This is going forward!

The rumour is that a small building is being proposed under the allowed zoning height, so hopefully that means that there will be some liberty to make it a landmark.
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