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This story came out on awn.com 6 days ago:

Jam Filled Entertainment Acquires Arc Productions
Boat Rocker Media’s newest acquisition takes over production of key projects at the recently-shuttered Toronto studio.

By Jennifer Wolfe | Monday, August 22, 2016 at 4:16pm
TORONTO -- Boat Rocker Media‘s latest acquisition, Jam Filled Entertainment, a leading full service animation company in Canada, has purchased the principal assets of the recently closed Arc Productions. This marks Jam Filled’s expansion into Toronto, effective immediately, with the new office opening with approximately 200 employees, adding world-class 3D pipelines to Jam Filled’s capabilities.
Full story here.

I assume that purchasing their assets means their QRC West lease as well. Anyone know otherwise?
This story came out on awn.com 6 days ago:

Full story here.

I assume that purchasing their assets means their QRC West lease as well. Anyone know otherwise?

Yes - the lease is being taken over. From Allied's press release on Thursday, August 25:

"QRC West, Toronto Allied completed the construction of QRC West last year. With the recent lease of 8,110 square feet of GLA to a professional services firm for a term of 10 years commencing November 1, 2016, leased area is now just over 97%. Most of the heritage components of the property were initially occupied by ARC Productions, an animation studio put into receivership in early August of this year. With Allied’s consent, the receiver has assigned the lease of ARC’s space at 364 Richmond West (31,619 square feet of GLA) to a subsidiary of a global content creator. The assignee is obligated to reassign the lease to Allied on July 31, 2017, at which time Allied expects to reassign the lease to multiple tenants, including a retail tenant at grade, at higher levels of rent than currently stipulated in the lease. Allied expects to assign the lease of ARC’s space at 134 Peter Street (26,480 square feet) to one or more of the interested replacement tenants at the levels of rent currently stipulated in the lease."
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Dammit, that space is really selling the pink collar millenial worker vibe, without making it look like a funhouse for overgrown adolescents.
Such an awesome building inside and out. Maybe i can get a job in there. My productivity would be through the roof! For the record I work a block over. White walls, white desks, grey carpets....*yawn*.
That is still not too bad: I work at home, alone, everyday. There are advantages, but my god the lack of human interaction can be draining. These spaces at QRC are nice and open, ready for...what's that buzzword...ah, yes...synergizing.