Based on exterior photos this is one of the better Regent Park buildings. Overall this revitalization project has been a big success. My one criticism is the density. It's important that this feel like part of the city but the density is too low imo. I'll reserve judgement for when it's done but thus far it feels under intensified.... almost like some of those underwhelming new areas of downtown Vancouver.

It could do with some office buildings, more retail, etc. Some thing is missing.
TBH this is largely planned as a residential neighbourhood, and that is okay.

Unless you want to start proposing policy where in the downtown area, condo podiums must contain 1 floor of office use?
The density levels throughout the Regent Park revitalization is reasonable IMO. There's a healthy mix of built form from townhouses, mid-rises, to high-rises. The entire neighbourhood is very walkable and pedestrian friendly. And there's good vibrancy with community life around the two major parks in the area. I think the retail spaces currently centered primarily along Dundas East to be adequate.

We'll start seeing even more once the DuEast and Artworks are complete. While there's still the final several blocks on the entire north section of the redevelopment master plan to complete, which will eventually reanimate those respective parts of Parliament and Gerrard. There's also a large amount of density on the horizon along the River Street corridor with several developers having projects in the works. I also find arts/craft studios and community resource centres to be more important to have than standard office buildings here.



The wider canopy emerging along DuEast-'west'. A wonderful addition to the street-scape here.



Glad this canopy will largely hide the mullions just above the podium...


West-side entranceway. PDI's are allegedly beginning in October...but November may be more realistic.


I've heard of Starbucks and possibly a grocery store

Interesting, where did you hear this?

There were initially plans for a grocery store in the Artworks tower but it seems that got cancelled, so if it was because a grocery store is going into DuEast that would make sense.
Another grocery store in Regent Park would be much welcomed. Especially with all the new residents on this east side of the community, along with the additional upcoming density from the projects on the River Street corridor.
Please let us know where you heard this. A starbucks and grocery store are the 2 most ideal additions to any neighbourhood...
Certainly agree about a supermarket and a DECENT coffee shop but what about the inevitable Nail Salon and the Dry Cleaners?
very welcome news if true! I just don't like the No Frills at Dundas and Parliament so I go to Roccos No Frills down on Front but it is just a tad far with heavy bags. This would be 2 mins from me
Some solid work by Daniels here. It's easy to say grey is universally bad, but I think the strong and prominent whites and use of frosted balconies provides a lot of visual relief to the site. The public realm on Dundas could be a real treat when it come together

If architects want to design grey buildings, take this as a minimum starting point and go better from there.