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Does anybody know if they are going to light up TD Canada Trust Tower's crown now as well? The crown looks nice by day, so why not display it at night? they could alternate color of light by setback, sort of similar to the Empire State Building.


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Toronto has one of the most beautiful sky lines I have seen in any city. Thanks for sharing all of the pictures my friends!
haha! ^ that is too cool, but kinda funny and low-budget that they basically took a photo from Manulife Centre, took out the major logos for the big bank buildings, and cropped it onto Gylenhaals head. That's one thing I find cheap-looking about our skyline is all the bank logos slapped onto our tallest buildings. I think a cities skyline looks much classier without them,
does anyone know what that building in the foreground of the poster is? directly right of FCP but in the foreground, im thinking burano but it looks so different.