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OMG at the sin they've committed ^, in that first shot of the city, they added a second Bloor-Yorkville skyline to the west lol! sad the skyline can't hold on it's own on the big screen (or small screen?), it needs to be CGI enhanced :(
Is she trying to outdo Margaret Bourke-White or one of our own dare-devil contributors?
see attached story:

Good newish vid of view from CN Tower on You Tube. The best one I've found:


Walked across the ice from Cherry Beach to the Leslie Street Spit, little chilly, but great day for a walk, and great location to view our skyline.


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JZ: Excellent air view pictures looking south...

The first one is the Yonge Street Corridor from North York Centre towards Downtown
and the second one is Downtown from a closer vantage point and angle...

JZ and TF: Good videos of Toronto from the air from you both...

I really enjoy studying these pictures - please post more if they are available...