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I'm still waiting for sculpture of an astronaut riding a horse or a bull...or maybe a Magpie riding a skateboard!


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After seeing the post of Calgary's old downtown street names, I think they should re-install them. I think it would give Calgary more character.
But I'm also wary of politicians changing these street names for their own panderous nonsense. It would likley become an absolute political shitshow. Sigh. I hate today's Canadian society.
Agreed - I think they should go back to named streets, at least for the major ones in the downtown and Beltline. It would be a good reminder that Calgary owes it's prominence to decisions made long ago by the CPR.

I'd also like to see Chinese street names in Chinatown be made official, and some of the German street names in Bridgeland brought back. Numbered streets are boooring, no cap.