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If today made it to 10, we’ll have had 37 days above 10 degrees already this year. Wowzers.
I keep delaying putting on my summer tires, thinking this weekend, this weekend..... as I look out at the snow falling as I type this, maybe this weekend... will get delayed again. I think thi sis one of the latest dates in a while that I can think of. I usually have the winters off and summers on in the first week of April.
Nothing like a completely unscheduled blizzard to get the blood pumping. Thank god the temperature has been hovering around 0 all day and a lot of it is melting on contact despite massive accumulations on pathways. The means this is going to reeeally soak the ground across nearly all of Alberta south of Morinville basically.

The forecast called for snow, but most models were putting the centre of precipitation between Red Deer and Edmonton… and then this happened… a friggin snowicane directly over the city 🤣
NW Calgary got the worst as it usually does. The accumulations vary all over the city.

The good thing is most of Alberta and parts of Saskatchewan got some heavy wet snow. Add this to the big dump in Manitoba last week and soil and growing conditions in the Prairies have improved greatly. After last year's heat and drought conditions, this was badly needed. As long as we have the usual rain in June followed by warmer, sunnier conditions, the crops should be pretty good this year. The world surely depends on this.
At my shop just east of downtown I measured 10 cm accumulated by 4:30 pm yesterday. Didn’t take a measurement this morning.

Regardless, this stuff is defffinitely melting right into the ground. Makes me so happy to see. It’s not even above 0 yet, and so much is melting.
April Blizzards bring May… Lizards?
After yesterday’s, today’s, and tomorrow’s heat, I expect we’ll see the first leaves out by Wednesday. There’s already quite a bit of green popping out on some species downtown 🥰