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Full on leaves

The Beaulieu Gardens have had flowers since March
Got about 2cm accumulation in Parkdale, and only a trace in the East Beltline. Mostly gone now, will be surprised to see any white by the end of the day.

Bragg Creek got about 20cm, guess mountain biking will have to wait a week or so.
Still nice to see.
Lol well of course. Was just saying it’s been visible to all for quite some time 🥰 my first post of them was in early April.
🙄 it was just because you said “finally”… because it’s not new. Jesus.
🙄 it was just because you said “finally”… because it’s not new. Jesus.
I like your posts @UrbanWarrior and I think you’re a great contributor (a much better contributor than I am) but sometimes you respond to posts in a snarky manner, and I don’t understand why.
You mentioned the reason for your comment earlier and @GoVertical gave the thumbs up. It’s all good but then a second un-needed response.
The second one was snarky, the first wasn’t. I took issue (very very slightly, which was clear in my post) with his use of the word “finally” as if the flowers only appeared this week, while they’ve been visible for a month and a half. That is all. The actually snarky response was responding to the dismissive thumbs up I received. Anyways, it’s over now. So yay!