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My Muckle plum has bloomed!

Anyone else having issues with creeping bellflower? 😩
You just triggered my PTSD. When i bought my place the 3' x 30' garden bed was absolutely filled with that demon weed. But i got rid of it all. I ended up just using a pointed shovel so i could dig all the way down to the base of the root, if you dont get that root out it will keep coming back and haunt your dreams
Creeping bellflower is the Magpie of the weed world. Pretty to look at, but invasive and annoying as hell
It’s very difficult to get rid of, but as @potatopizzafan mentioned, getting the roots out is the only way to control it.
Even then, it will still come back, and you will need to be vigilant by pulling it every year, but the more roots you can pull the less you’ll have to deal with the rest if the summer.

Some places are going to be difficult to dig it with a shovel, if it is integrated with or next to existing shrubs or flowers. In that case I would recommend that you soak the area to loosen the soil and come back in 20 minutes and gently pull the bellflower leaves out, Quite often you can get a fair bit of the root out if you do it that way.

Another thing that sometimes works over fairly large areas where you can’t dig is to cover with decorative gravel (large) or large pieces of bark mulch. The larger the pieces the less dense the Bellflower leaves are and the ones that do come through are a bit bigger and thicker making them easier to pull.
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I don' think Calgary got anywhere near the amount of rain that was forecast for the past 3 days. I hope that is not the situation for the farm lands in southern Alberta. The soil moisture level is extremely low for this time of year. June usually has the most rain so let's hope we get some more days with steady pours.
Another 24 mm of steady rain in the last 24 hours which is far better than just a thunderstorm and a quick burst. Hopefully that is the level of precipitation that the rural areas also experienced.
This might interest you: I use it to track river flows for fly fishing but it also reports the amount of precipitation weather stations across the province have received.
This might interest you: I use it to track river flows for fly fishing but it also reports the amount of precipitation weather stations across the province have received.
Thank you! So... the east central parts of the province (and no doubt extends into west central Sask) have received significantly less rain than north, south or west. That is concerning as it is a heavy farm belt area.
I am watching the crop situation closely this year. With the Russian/Ukraine conflict disrupting supply of grain etc, the world has eyes on North America. We cannot afford another dry summer and an underwhelming crop.
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Might need to brace for the possibility of a major flood event this week. Current models projecting a maximum of 130 mm of rain inside the city, with Kananaskis getting hit even worse, between this evening and Tuesday night. A very similar setup to what happened in 2013. Nearly 100 mm tomorrow alone is possible.
I'm definitely a little worried. If the rain forecasted for alpine locations in the Bow and Elbow watershed happens we could be in trouble. I think the 2013 floods had around 200mm in Canmore and surrounding areas over two days and we are not too far off from that.
Yeah exactly. I wouldn’t expect a 2013 level of flood but 2005 isn’t out of the possibility. At least the city has ordered the reservoirs drained in anticipation, which they didn’t do in time in 2013. Here’s hoping 🤞🏼
Wow, that was fun. Localized flooding, and lasted just long enough to hyperstaturate the ground before the two-day long downpour starts tonight. Buckle up buckaroos!