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He almost got his shot too! Vladar took a run and stayed down for a while!

Makes you think if Vegas knew, and were trying to get the EBUG Dustin Nickel to make his debut lol.

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Hell of a game last night, and with an emergency call up backing Vladar! The win moves the Flames into a playoff spot now lol.
That's the thing with the Western Conference. Outside of the top three teams in each division, it's kind of wide open with nobody standing out. The Flames have just as much chance as anyone of becoming a wildcard team.

One thing for sure, if the goaltending can remain the way it's been lately, then the Flames have a decent chance.
The flames are still setup to lose half their defense and a top-six centre to free-agency. This changes none of that, unfortunately or fortunately meaning the flames should still be sellers. What this does do is make them look not so desperate as when big Z was saying he wanted out and Hanifin had broken off talks. The goal should be stick to the plan, if things keep going well, great! Maybe you can still trade those guys away and still end up getting in and getting a few playoff dates with a fun group of veterans and kids.
I wasn’t happy with the Zadorov trade at first, but now I’m liking it more.
Let’s face it Conroy didn’t have much of a choice. Vancouvers willingness to take on his cap hit and give picks was as good as we were going to get.
Unfortunately, a loss last night but at least they looked like they could skate with the Canucks. If issue this game in the calendar a month ago I would have predicted a blowout by the Canucks.
It's a weird sensation when loosing causes physical pain, and winning causes physical pain to the fan base.

Compete and get younger, that's all I can ask if they dont want to tear it down, my fear remains that Conroy decides to go for playoffs just to loose our UFA's in free agency.