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Bear & Kilt appears to be opening a new location on 17th ave in the old Morgans space
Popped in at lunch, their plan is to have 4 Calgary and 1 Edmonton location within a few years. The Morgan's space is also a bit of a backstop if the Stephen Ave Place development happens and they are forced to leave their current location.
Yelp's yearly reviews are out. Calgary did quite well, with 7 restaurants making the top 100, 12 for the Calgary area (Calgary/Airdrie/Banff/Canmore). As always these lists are somewhat subjective, but it's nice to see a few local places in the list. As usual Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver dominate the list, but Calgary did well compared to its contemporaries.
Toronto 21
Montreal 20
Vancouver 18
Calgary 12
Quebec City 7
Edmonton 3
Ottawa 2
Winnipeg 1


Went to Calcutta Cricket Club the other day and found it to be so-so. The atmosphere was good, much more vibrant than the usual Indian restaurant, but the prices were high and the food was average.
If you’re looking to grab some Indian solely for the food, try just about anywhere else.
Not Calgary specific, but could involve Calgary. Fogo de Chao is going to open 11 locations across Canada. I would have to think Calgary would be on the list.