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Given the existing retail tenants (specifically Pizza Pizza), I imagine it would be years before any redevelopment actually happens.
Why? I'd assume the landlord would just not renew the lease. Or offer a financial incentive to terminate early.
I would assume the old small Rexall's days were numbered anyway, given the big shiny new Rexall across Wellesley. And I wouldn't be surprised if you told me the owners of the barbershops also owned the property.
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I'm pretty sure this is for lowrise only, we'll see what happens when 81 Wellesley (formally Odette House) goes before the OMB in April over height. That may set a precedent. That Rexall has co-existed for as long as I can remember with Boots/Pharma Plus/Rexall on two opposite corners since the 80's at least, don't know how they do it.
Not exactly in the village proper but one of the new Tim Hortons coffehouse has opened at the old Just Desserts location.
I didn't start a thread because I'm not sure, but a friend told me that the S/E corner of Church & Carlton (399 Church) is coming down and going condo. The restaurant closed and ACT is apparently moving. Has anyone heard anything about this?
i didn't see any development signage, but it looks the entire building, including the now closed restaurant, is for lease.
From their Facebook account:
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