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Trump really is a loser. I have no dog in this race but it was actually Obama who should be the one gloating because when he took over the economy was crap. Trump is building off of the momentum from Obama with regards to the economy. The racial and nationalist dialogue from him has given the economy that extra push.
The shutdown. Sorry, government closed. The last time I was there was the last time they had a shutdown. I didn't really notice except for the locked gates at national parks. Though we sure did laugh about it the whole three weeks we were there.
Just another reason why I don't understand why anyone anywhere would aspire to have their political system. What's wrong with a vote of no-confidence resulting in an election, for example? Sure beats this dicking around and shutting down.

The only thing that wasn't funny was that air traffic controllers were about to close up shop at midnight the day we were leaving back to YYZ. Our flight was scheduled for 23:30. We would have been stuck in Vegas. Needless to say, I was fully prepared to walk north if that were to happen. Vegas is a shithole (unlike Africa).
And so it continues. From link:


Two typos. "Uniom" should be "Union", and only one visitor allowed in the "Visitor's Gallery" (singular)?
Trump was supposed to impose new sanctions on Russia today, but he didn't.