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Anyone else concerned that there is NO mention of a bridge over the rail lines anymore? Did I miss the 'not-so-shocking' announcement that the bridge was cancelled? Hopefully it will go ahead, as the connection is seriously needed.

View from Southwest

View from Northeast

Does anybody have a site plan showing where this building is being built with respect to bridge/connect? I bought from connect and would like to know if this building is going to present obstructed views.
hmm I've also heard that this building was suppose to be 10 storeys high, however, judging by these renders it looks 15 (or 16) storeys high. Also, the original location was said to be west of the Bridge building. But once again looking at these renders I feel it won't fit into that tiny space. Does anyone have any idea what's going on here?
Well!!!........... the render is wrong, as it is more than 10.

That suite is smaller than the One bedroom I have and it the pits.
Yes some of the floor plans are good. People will buy here mainly for it's location and close proximity to Liberty Village. What are the price per square foot these days in this area?